Local Leaders International

Local Leaders International has for the last five years supported theology faculty members at UCU to study at masters and doctoral levels.
Local Leaders International has funded training conferences and has provided resources to our affiliate theological colleges aimed at lifting their standards and better equipping them to teach their students well.
As Uganda comes out of the lock-down environment; many of our affiliate colleges have begun using the skills learnt in the previous years to train more students through online classes. The Local Leaders International provides IT capacity as well as a range of training workshops to help faculty teach well in this new environment.
Through BTSDT, Local Leaders International is funding the development of Mbale Christian-Muslim Study Center. This will be a center of competence to help train church leaders in peace-building initiatives as they relate to Muslims.

Eastern College Australia

Eastern College Australia supports the delivery of a Masters in Transformational Development program aimed at promoting Biblically based ‘best practice’ for leaders already working in the field. This is a field-based program that reflects on the complexities of both rural and urban poverty. Throughout their study period, students remain at their place of work and implement the things they learn.

Theological Book Network

Every year TBN provides high quality academic books to BTSDT theology students and Sought-after texts to BTSDT faculty that enable them to do research, develop curricula, and produce contextually relevant scholarship. 

Hub Institutions